Bedford’s Bristol Buffday

Being an August birthday is probably the worst thing that could happen to a party guylike myself. So while most of my friends are planning their nineteenth and are out party harding all weekend, I am sat at home, with my J2O facebooking my life away.

But it’s finally here!And seeing as it is me, I can not do what everyone else does and hit Southampton, especially as Bedford Place was clearly named after me - do you know who I am?So mumma has paid for me and eight of my sexies to spend my birthday weekend in Bristol!¬†With plenty of classy waterfront bars and late night clubs, it’s sure to be amazing. So the land of guys with sexy accents, hold tight come¬†Friday 26th August ;)

I generally can not wait, it shall definitely be a birthday never to forget! Or not as the case may be…. haha ;)

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